A born communicator.

I've always been inordinately interested in the news. I grew up reading Vanity Fair, National Geographic, andTIME far sooner than I could truly comprehend the depths of their features. But I was compelled to read real-life stories and all the different ways that people live their lives.

I studied Media & Communications at The University of Ottawa. It was an innovative program because it balanced media production, journalism, marketing and public relations. I graduated with a holistic understanding of media & communications, which ultimately came in very handy as my career developed.

My first job was an internship in the public relations department at CTV, one of Canada's leading broadcast television networks. When my internship ended, job prospects in broadcast media were slimmed by the introduction of digital media — so that's where I went.

Because I had started a blog (probably one of the first), I got a second internship at FASHION, a Canadian lifestyle magazine, and started writing daily articles for their website. This was the beginning of my career in digital media, which took me to The Kit as the social media editor, and then to Postmedia where I was the national fashion & beauty editor for their newspaper titles across Canada.

The media business disrupted.

The introduction of digital media flipped the industry upside-down and wreaked havoc on the status quo. Advertisers ceased spending on display ads and profits plummeted for media companies. Few leaders could predict the future of production.

My response was to start positioning myself as a writer who could produce compelling integrated content that would please advertisers while simultaneously engaging readers. It was rare for an editorial writer to have an interest in advertiser relations and profitability but, I have a mind for business and welcomed the challenge.

It was a smart move and a big step towards the future of my career.

Editorial content that sells.

In 2015, I started a company called Brand Editor and started producing content marketing for international brands. My first client was L'Oreal and I was hired to produce a series of Facebook videos to promote their sponsorship of Toronto Fashion Week with Maybelline. I went on to produce print, digital and social media content marketing for multiple other brands, like McDonald's Canada, Air Canada, Nike, Scotiabank, and others.

In 2020, I changed the name of my business to become a namesake venture. My early interest in real-life stories and all the different ways that people live their lives has never waned. Today, I write content marketing from the perspective of people who run companies and are leaders in business. Changing my business name has helped to emphasize my interest in humanizing business by writing with a personal perspective.

Humanize your business by writing about it.

There are multiple terms that people use to describe this communications technique — personal branding and leadership storytelling are two. Neither are inaccurate but they're not sufficient either.

To effectively write about your business requires consideration of your reputation, your relationships, your sales efforts, and your points of differentiation. Successful implementation demands a holistic communications strategy comprising media production, journalism, marketing and public relations. Most critical to your success is working with somebody who can write the best stories you've got and sell them to the right people.

Good news — you've got me. 

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Women tend to shy away from sharing their successes in fear of being perceived as "too much." But the sooner we share stories about our strengths, the better we'll secure leadership & influence in our careers.

That's why I started Women Talk Shop, to provide a platform that facilitates confident self-promotion for women pursuing career growth and professional leadership. The sooner we start sharing stories about our successes, the better we'll secure equitable leadership and influence.

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